14 de mayo de 2011

on my skin

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El principito

"Hay cosas que vale la pena reinterpretar a lo largo de la vida.....y hay cosas que son tan simples que preferimos complicarlas, para no sentirnos "básicos" y pensamos que con eso alcanzamos la "madurez", cuando en realidad, en lo simple radica la perfección....no?"


I'm running away with you
that's all i ev
er do
that's all we ever mean
i forgive y
meet me at the railroad bar
about 7 o'clo
we joke while the sun goes down
watch t
he lovers
leaving town.
This is for lovers
running away
is for lovers
running away
just for today...
I'm running away with you
from y
esterday's news
let's l
eave it all behind
help me 
back to my mind
i've paid the penalty

We are dreamers, that´s what we are 

We are dreamers always light years apart 

Forever, dream on dreamer
It doesn’t matter where you’re from
The door is open all the time for everyone
There’s a place I know so well
Will I find you, only time will tell...

There’s a place I know so well
Behind closed eyes, there´s a pearl inside a shell
From time to time, I come to see
If this world still has a place for me...

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